I'm not your typical designer...

I want to create an impact, no matter the subject matter I cover, and give the viewer something fresh, informative and easy to understand. I'm a highly creative thinker and I approach my work with intellectual rigor to accomplish each communication goal.

Early on, I pursued journalism as a career. At the University of Minnesota, I created my own degree curriculum called Visual Communications to combine the study of design, journalism and culture. I found my niche as a Graphic Artist at the Minnesota Daily, where I had the opportunity to illustrate and create infographics to support the storytelling of journalists. I spent two years as the Visual Editor, hiring, training and managing a team of designers.

After graduation, I moved around the country to work in Graphic Artist positions, including the Denver Post and the Florida Times-Union. I won awards for my infographic work, and remained a valued employee when newspapers were laying off workers en masse and struggling to stay financially viable.

The recession led me to seek greener pastures of the tech industry in Austin, Texas. BancVue hired me as a Web Designer, serving the marketing needs of small community banks and credit unions. I lead my clients through the entire design process, conducting phone conferences with executives around the country (and even Guam!). 

In 2012, I joined Say It Visually as an Explanation Designer. I worked with a wide variety of clients, from large companies, like Verizon and Tenable, to the Minnesota Health Department and small nonprofits who struggled with complex communication challenges. I created infographics, print materials, PowerPoint presentations and helped with video animations.

I had an opportunity to return to journalism and took a Content Designer position at The Orange County Register. I started out as a page designer, moved into a web/mobile design role, and now am a versatile designer that can tackle any task that needs doing.


I strive to make my boss's job easier each day I come to work. I am ready to bring my array of skills and professional attitude to your company. What can I do for you?